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Planning Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are an essential part of gearing up for your senior year. They're great for sending to friends and family, graduation announcements, and posting on social media. If done right, they will be something that you will look back on to remember this important part of your life.

Below are a few important steps to get you started with your senior portraits.

1. Get In Touch

If you haven't already, please fill out the contact form HERE page so we can be in contact and plan a shoot!

2. Plan Your Session

Follow  THIS LINK  to let me know what you're all about and what kind of photos you're looking for. If you have some reference images you like the look of, feel free to send them to me at jacobskoda09@gmail.com

3. Let's Have a Chat

Once you complete step #2, we will set up a time to have a call to plan the details of your shoot.

4. Complete the Agreement

Finally, complete the Model Release form by following THIS LINK. This is an agreement to make sure both you and I are on the same page about the usage of your photos and likeness. You have the option of filling it out online, or printing and filling it out at home and bringing it with you to the shoot.


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